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Perched on the roof of his doghouse, armed only with a typewriter and a rare imagination, a dog attempts to adapt after an unusual hurricane washed him out to sea. Inspired by Charles Shultz' iconic beagle and leading science surrounding extreme climatic events, Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century is a multi-disciplinary tour-de-force arousing hope in the face of disasters caused by climate change.  



Composer, Performer, Co-Creator
Playwright, Performer, Co-Creator
Project Leader, Director, Co-Creator

Jonathan Camuzeaux is a French-American musician, theater-artist, photographer and environmental economist. He was raised in Paris, France, and relocated to New York in 2009. Since, Jonathan has been especially active composing, performing and directing music for performance. He is a co-founder of Superhero Clubhouse’s Sci-Art Lab, the creator of the multi-disciplinary photography project Stack of Fives, the resident music director for The Live Lunch Series and Phaedra's Cabaret, as well as the bassist for the Brooklyn-based soul band Lady Moon & The Eclipse. Jonathan holds a Master of Jazz History from Bordeaux III University and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He works as an Economic Policy Analyst at Environmental Defense Fund in New York.












Simón Adinia Hanukai is a theater-maker, director, curator and educator. Originally from Baku, Azerbaijan, he splits his time between NYC and Paris. Artistic leadership roles include Co-Artistic Director of Destiny Arts Center, Adjunct Professor at CUNY, and Performing Arts Curator for MassBliss. Simón has created work and taught throughout the U.S. and Europe, and has had the privilege to assist Anne Bogart, Robert Woodruff and William Forsythe, as well as observe Robert Lepage. Simón holds an MA in Education from the University of San Francisco and an MFA in Directing from Columbia University. More info at


Jeremy  is the captain of Superhero Clubhouse, which he founded in 2007. He has developed several eco-theater initiatives including the annual Big Green Theater Festival with The Bushwick Starr, Climate Collaborations with PositiveFeedback, and The Lab, a bimonthly creative workshop uniting environmental scientists, policy experts, and theater artists. His long-term project is The Planet Plays, a series of nine stories that together form a new mythology for our changing world. Jeremy’s essay “On Eco-Theater” was recently published by TCG in the book Innovations in Five Acts.











Megan is a dramaturg and theatre maker based in NYC. She serves as SHC’s Resident Dramaturg offering creative support to The Planet Play Series and other projects. She curates The Green Room, a blog focused on artists’ engagement in green practices and eco-theatre. She also leads the Research & Development Writing Group for The Civilians and works at Lark Play Development Center. With Civilians and SHC, Megan participated in artist residencies at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Drama League, NACL Theatre, Catwalk Institute, and Governor’s Island through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.  She has provided dramaturgical support for numerous theaters including Goodman Theatre, Hartford Stage, and American Players Theatre. M.F.A Dramaturgy: UMass Amherst.












Michael Minahan is an artist and designer working across industries as a painter, set designer, and fabricator. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable practices in object –making. His work seeks to engage the relationships between artifacts, material, design, performance, and permanence/ impermanence. Recent design work includes the fifth annual BIG GREEN THEATER FESTIVAL with Superhero Clubhouse (The Bushwick Starr); SHE KILLS MONSTERS (New School for Drama); and WALLOP, a world premiere play by Charles Cissel (Robert Moss Theater). He is the Design Associate and Lead Finisher at SFDS, a design +  fabrication shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn whose clientele has included Google, SHoP Architects, and Hanna Liden. Michael worked for three seasons as a charge scenic artist with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He holds an MFA in Design from the University of Washington School of Drama.



Preesa Adeline Bullington is a Brooklyn based theatre designer, artisan and baker. She is thrilled to be a member of Superhero Clubhouse, a theatre company that pushes her creativity and challenges the societal context of how art and theatre are taught and made. She is committed to learning and implementing green practices in all her work and life. When not working on theatre you can find Preesa at Champs Bakery where she is the Lead Baker/ Production Manager. Preesa is from Seattle WA and a graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama.



Julia Schonberg is the Assistant Project Leader for Superhero Clubhouse's fall tour of Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century. This is her first year with Superhero Clubhouse, working both on Flying Ace and with their Big Green Theatre Festival. When not working with the Superhero team, Julia is a NYC based actress, yoga teacher, and teaching artist. Sending her love from NY to the Bay and wishing all the best to the Flying Ace team.


Lani is a Chinese-American eco-theater artist. She holds a B.A. in Humanities, Science, and Environment and a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Virginia Tech. She has collaborated and led interdisciplinary theater projects about contemporary consumerism, globalization, and the environment in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, and the United States, with work commissioned by Virginia's New River Valley Planning District and a grant from The Center for 21st Studies. As First Mate, Lani is our second in command, focusing on partnerships, fundraising, and planning, as well as leading and collaborating creatively on various projects. 

Created in collaboration with climate scientists from Columbia University's Earth Institute and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.


Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy (2012) was ranked one of the deadliest and most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history. Sandy came on the heels of Hurricane Irene (2011) and Hurricane Katrina (2005) which prompted media outlets to declare that these massively destructive storms might be “the new normal.” In a world of increasingly extreme weather caused by climate change, what can we do? How do we prepare? Where do we begin? To explore these questions, Superhero Clubhouse teamed up with scientists from Columbia University’s Earth Institute, whose insights served as inspirational material in the rehearsal room while the beloved Peanuts cartoon character, Snoopy, became the model for our canine protagonist. In the Peanuts comic strips, Snoopy is a beagle who sits atop his doghouse, typing away at a story which usually starts with the words, “It was a dark and stormy night.” Another familiar motif from the comic strip is Snoopy’s most famous alter ego, the Flying Ace. The topic of climate change can seem overwhelming and complicated, full of bleak disaster scenarios and short on hope. Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century uses performance to relocate the climate change discussion, making it accessible and immediate to audiences of all ages. Rather than casting humans as merely perpetrators or victims of disaster, the play offers a new role for us to play: potential hero. It challenges us not to be sad, but instead to use our brains and our imaginations to prepare, innovate, and adapt in order to make a new home out of our “new normal.”




Natalia & Adek Hanukai, Anita Kirpalani, Merry and Pat Ross, Lisa Wright, Teal Frost, Jay Cohen, Rachel St George, Per Bech Jensen, NACL, the Odin Teatret, Vestjylands Hojskole and Rob, Cole, Duncan and the rest of the wonderful staff of PianoFight. 

Superhero Clubhouse is a collective of artists and scientists working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater. Based in NYC since 2008, Superhero Clubhouse takes a holistic approach to theater in which content, process, and production remain tethered to complex environmental questions. We work collaboratively, rigorously, and sustainably upon a foundation of sound science to create intimate, fictional events that ignite crucial environmental conversations. We believe that the way we make art should be a model for a thriving society; therefore our design and production processes are vigilantly green. Our various initiatives, engaging diverse audiences and communities, tenaciously pursue deep ecological consciousness, revolutionary theater, and tangible hope in the face of great adversity.












Please get in touch with any thoughts. We'd love to hear from you.

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